Every year, more than 250,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury. It’s a condition that can happen to anyone at any time. With the Wings for Life World Run fundraising platform, you can raise much-needed funds to support cutting-edge research projects around the world that share one goal: to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

People you know give money to a charity in return for you doing an activity. In this case, you run in the Wings for Life World Run, and friends, family and even complete strangers donate to Wings for Life in your name.
The Wings for Life World Run fundraising platform is a feature to boost funds for spinal cord research. When you pay your entry fee, 100% goes to directly to spinal cord research, but you can also encourage family and friends to help you raise even more money for our cause by starting your own fundraising campaign. The more donations we receive, the more research projects can be funded.
Click on Set up a campaign. Either sign in to your free Wings for Life World Run account or create a new one. Give your campaign a name and share your story - maybe you’re running in someone else’s name to show your support or maybe there’s a group of you running together. Set your fundraising goal. Let the world know how much you want to raise for spinal cord injury. It’s amazing how much your friends and family will want to help you reach that goal. Set your campaign to public or private. Public campaigns anyone can find and donate to, and private ones can only be found if you share the link. Share your fundraising campaign on Facebook and Twitter; add a photo or two, and keep adding them as you train for the Wings for Life World Run or hold fundraising events to boost donations. Regularly write some updates on your fundraising campaign.
Sign in, go to your fundraising campaign and click on Amend My Campaign. Here, you can add to your story or upload images.
The amount you’ve raised will automatically update when people make donations in your name.
Share your fundraising target far and wide. Update your fundraising campaign. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you or join your team. Be creative and have fun.
You can do pretty much anything to raise funds, from sitting in a bath of beans (yes, it has been done!) to climbing Everest. Running, though, is an incredibly popular way of raising money. Share your personal goal and get people to pledge an amount per kilometre you stay ahead of the Catcher Car. Or you could run a sweepstake, where people guess how far you’re likely to run. You could approach your employer and ask them to match the amount of money you raise from friends and family, doubling your funds raised. There are hundreds of ways to make your fundraising entertaining and fun or a once-in-a-lifetime challenge – your only limit is your imagination!
Both MasterCard and Visa can be used to make an online donation.
Collect the bank transfers and the cash you raised offline. Work out the total, then use your credit/debit card to make the full donation to your Wings for Life World Run fundraising campaign.
All donations in your name through your fundraising campaign will go directly to spinal cord research. You can see how much money you’ve raised on your Fundraising Page and share it with your social networks.
100% of all the money you raise on- and offline for Wings for Life will go directly to cutting-edge spinal cord research, which focuses on finding a cure for spinal cord injury. All Wings for Life’s administrative costs are covered by Red Bull. Please find more information at
All of it. 100%. Every single penny, cent and dime.